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Living the dream of great days on the water is easier than you’ve ever thought. Meet the Sea-Doo Spark, a fun new way for your family to play on the water—and at a price that’s accessible to you right now. This unique experience features a compact and lightweight design that makes it playful to ride and manoeuvre, simple to own and easy to tow. Plus, you can make it exactly the watercraft you want by choosing from a wide range of colours and customization options. Spark 3up Bubble Gum coloration shown. There’s nothing holding you back. With the new Sea-Doo Spark, your family’s turn to join the fun has finally arrived.



Each Sea-Doo watercraft is powered by a legendary BRP ROTAX engine specifically designed for marine use with quicker acceleration and higher top-end speed. And we’re proud to debut the new Rotax ACE 900 and ACE 900 HO engines on the Sea-Doo. The most compact and lightweight engines on the market1*, they’ve helped us build the most fuel efficient watercraft in the industry. These engines helped us create watercraft with an excellent power-to-weight ratio and optimized power at all RPM levels.

Sea-Doo watercraft keep the engine running at ideal temperatures with the industry’s only Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS), which uses coolant and keeps out corrosive saltwater and debris that can cause damage. Its state-of-the-art technology used in cars and other modern engines, applied to watercraft for increased reliability and peace of mind.

Total number of gauge
functions is 15 for 900 ACE
and 16 for 900 HO ACE



Stop up to 30 m [100 ft.] sooner2* than any other watercraft with Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR). The world’s only onwater brake lets you keep both hands on the handlebars, giving you maximum control. And iBR makes docking far easier than it’s ever been.


1* Source: manufacturer’s website. Runabout 4-stroke engines only.
2* Based on BRP internal testing. Traveling at 80,47 KM/H [50mph]

An entirely new way to have fun Easy to own and tow
Quite simply, you’ll have more fun with Sea-Doo Spark. It’s playful and easy to ride, thanks to its unique style and design, so everyone in your family will have a blast riding one. This watercraft delivers great days on the water like nothing else. The Sea-Doo Spark is the most affordable watercraft you can buy1. And it’s the lightest watercraft on the market2, making it the only one that can be towed by many popular compact sedans. Plus, Sea-Doo Spark is easier to fit in any garage.
Easy on the environment FROM A PROV EN LEADER
The Sea-Doo Spark is the most fuel-efficient watercraft available, thanks in large part to the new Rotax ACE 900 engine. This breakthrough engine technology, and its industry-best light weight, allows the Spark to produce up to 35% better fuel consumption than the closest competitive model3. And it’s made with many recyclable components, which makes it, quite simply, greener than other watercraft. Sea-Doo has demonstrated its leadership in the watercraft industry for more than 25 years. Sea-Doo was the first and only watercraft maker to offer an on-water braking system and suspension options—and it remains the only manufacturer offering these rideenhancing features. Sea-Doo breakthroughs also include being the first with a 4-stroke engine and Closed-Loop Cooling System to protect a watercraft’s engine for longer life. Sea-Doo Spark is the latest innovation from an established watercraft pioneer.



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Sea -doo

Spark 2up

Sea -doo

Spark 3up
Rider capacity  2 3
Rotax engine 900 ACE or
900 HO ACE
900 HO ACE
Fuel Capacity: 30L / 7.9 US gal. 30L / 7.9 US gal.
Fuel type recommended 87 octane 87 octane
Length: 279 cm / 110 in. 305 cm / 120 in.
Width: 118 cm / 46 in. 118 cm / 46 in.
Height: 104 cm / 41 in. 104 cm / 41 in.
Dry Weight*:
(*Incl. oil, battery acid, coolant)
184 kg / 405 lb. 191 kg / 421 lb.
Rider Weight Capacity: 160 kg / 350 lb. 205 kg / 450 lb.
Depth finder Optional Optional
Towing features Tow Hook Tow Hook
Storage Capacity 1.6L (0.42 US gal.) glove box
28L (7.42 US gal.) with opt.
Front Storage Bin Kit
Brake, neutral & reverse Optional Manual Reverse or Optional
Electronic iBR (HO engine)


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